LMS Report: Blackboard No. 1, Moodle No.2

July 12, 2017

e-Literate's quarterly report on the learning management system market in four global regions shows that North America is the only region with four dominant  systems serving degree-granting institutions, and that the four have a combined market share of 90 percent.

During the first quarter of 2017, Blackboard had a 33 percent share, Moodle 25 percent, Canvas 19 percent and Brightspace 13 percent, according to the report. Last fall, Blackboard had a 31 percent share, Moodle 25 percent, Canvas 17 percent and Brightspace 11 percent, according to e-Literate.

Moodle has the largest market share in Europe, Latin America and Oceania (Australia, New Zealand and surrounding islands), far outpacing second-place Blackboard. Meanwhile, Europe has the largest number of systems in use: Sakai, Ilias, Olat, Stud.IP, Claroline, itsLearning and Fronter are all second-tier competitors (although data shows virtually no new implementations for any of these systems during the quarter). 

Data for the e-Literate report was provided by LISTedTECH.



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