2017's Top-funded Ed-Tech Companies

October 4, 2017

Audrey Watters, an ed-tech journalist who pens the blog, Hack Education: The History of the Future of Education Technology, posted what she has calcuated are 2017's best-funded higher education and K-12 ed-tech startups in terms of venture capital raised. (She notes in her blog that that some of the companies are a few years old, but are still considered new, and that not all of the funding took place this year.)

SoFi (private student loans) – $1.88 billion
Affirm (private student loans) – $420 million
EverFi (critical skills training) – $251 million
Yuanfudao (tutoring) – $244.2 million
HotChalk (online education service provider) – $230 million
Coursera (online education service provider) – $210.1 million
BYJU’s (test prep) – $204 million
Pluralsight (skills training) – $192.5 million
Udemy (skills training marketplace) – $173 million
AltSchool (private school; learning management system) – $173 million
Kaltura (video platform) – $165.1 million
D2L (learning management system) – $165 million
Udacity (skills training) – $160 million
Knewton (algorithmic textbooks) – $157.25 million

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