Georgia Tech Program Boosts Total U.S. CS Master's Degree Grads

October 11, 2017

Georgia Institute of Technology has graduated 582 students from its online master’s degree program in computer science since the program’s 2013 inception, according to a new report from the institution. The report cites research from Harvard University indicating that the annual production of computer science master’s degrees in the United States is projected to increase 7 percent each year as a result of the Georgia Tech program, which launched with help from Udacity and AT&T.

“Since we started small and [the] first classes are relatively small, we are not there yet,” Zvi Galil, dean of the institution’s college of computing, told “Inside Digital Learning.”

Galil projects more than 400 additional graduates by the end of the year, which would put the total around 1,000. Roughly 11,000 Americans earn master’s degrees in computer science each year, which means the increase courtesy of Georgia Tech from 2016 to 2017 would be 9 percent, even higher than the Harvard prediction.

Georgia Tech’s online master’s degree program has 5,866 enrolled students, according to the report. California boasts the largest share (601) of enrolled students among the 50 United States, with Georgia close behind at 590. Close to 3,800 of the enrolled students are from the United States, with the remainder coming from around the world.

Meanwhile, the gender ratio of the program’s enrollment reflects overall trends in the computer science field -- men make up 85.6 percent of students in the Georgia Tech program.


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