November 8, 2017

 National Survey of Computing, eLearning and Information Technology.


The survey of IT leaders, conducted by the Campus Computing Project, found that many see only modest benefits from IT investments, and generally low satisfaction with many IT services on campus.

The survey, with responses from 199 public and private institutions across the U.S., asked chief information officers to reflect on computing efforts on their campus.

Here are the highlights relate to digital learning technologies:

65.1 percent of respondents said it is important to use learning analytics to support student success; 59.7 percent said using learning analytics to improve instructor, course and program effectiveness was important.

The survey also shows that there are a variety of titles for digital learning leaders on campus.  The respondents reported titles of chief/ senior learning or instructional officer (37.7 percent); chief/ senior officer for online education (34.2 percent); and chief/ senior officer for innovation (16 percent).

Also, the report noted that 20.1 of the institutions responding said that online programs report to them.

The IT leaders who responded to the survey reported low percentages of use of a variety of digital technologies at their institutions:

  • Courseware in general education courses – 14.5 percent
  • Video lecture capture – 13.6 percent
  • Classroom response systems/clickers – 11 percent
  • Online exam proctoring – 10.9 percent
  • Audio lecture capture – 10.3 percent
  • Open educational resources (OER) – 11.4 percent
  • Adaptive learning tools – 7.8 percent
  • Gaming technologies – 4.5 percent

Blackboard’s share of the learning management system market has dropped while some of its competitors' shares have risen. Those shifts are old news -- in fact, some analysts argue Blackboard’s declines in that area are showing signs of leveling off.

Campus Computing's report shows that Blackboard's share of the learning management system market continuing to decline. Of the institutions responding to the survey, 31.7 percent said they use Canvas by Instructure; Blackboard, 29.6 percent, Moodle, 26.6 percent; and Brightspace by D2L, 9.5 percent.

However, as reported in "Inside Digital Learning", some digital learning leaders see Blackboard gaining back some ground in the LMS market. A report by e-Literate published in late June said also supports a slightBlackboard's market share . During the first quarter of 2017, the report states that Blackboard had a 33 percent market share, Moodle 25 percent, Canvas 19 percent and Brightspace 13 percent. Last fall, Blackboard had a 31 percent share, Moodle 25 percent, Canvas 17 percent and Brightspace 11 percent, according to e-Literate.

As reporting in Inside Higher Ed, the National Survey of Computing, eLearning and Information Technology also shows that many campus investments in information technology aren't necessarily paying off. To read more about those, click here.


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