OpenStax Travels to U.K.
September 13, 2017

OpenStax, the Rice University-based nonprofit that provides free, peer-reviewed, openly licensed textbooks, is working with Open University's UK Open Textbooks initiative to bring free OpenStax's textbooks to the United Kingdom.

"International expansion is an exciting and intuitive next step for us," OpenStax's managing director, Daniel Williamson, said in a statement. "We'll be exploring how textbooks are chosen by U.K. instructors, what kind of messages resonate with U.K. audiences, how faculty adapt open content to meet their needs and what parts of OpenStax's process can be generalized for initiatives in other countries."

Another early step will be identifying existing communities of British academics and institutions that use OER. OpenStax books already are used in more than 100 courses in the United Kingdom, and Williamson said early adopters will be a valuable source of feedback as the initiative looks at what U.K. instructors hope to gain from free texts.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.


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