Inside Digital Learning

Online Students Multitask More (Not in a Good Way)

Study finds that even those who are inclined to stray do so less in face-to-face classes -- presumably because instructors and peers are watching. What are the implications for online learning? And is all multitasking bad?

Helping Institutions Reach Accessibility Goals

Many colleges lack formal policies for digital accessibility, leaving students with disabilities at a disadvantage. A new set of quality indicators could lay the foundation institutions need.

Trial and Error: Online Prep for Face-to-Face Programs

Students in Brandeis's graduate programs complained they didn't feel prepared when they arrived on campus. The institution turned to an online platform for a solution.

The Pulse: The Science of Adult Learning

This month's episode of the Pulse podcast features a presentation by Kristen Betts entitled "Neuro-Andragogy: Science & Art of Changing the Brain."

New Online Academic Programs

Colleges begin programs in psychology, HR management, information and communication sciences, and applied computer science, among other disciplines.

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