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   October 2017
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Inside Higher Ed's Diversity Insider is a monthly news summary of key stories touching on diversity topics. To receive daily news updates from Inside Higher Ed, including our diversity coverage, sign up here.

Major Decisions -- A new study by the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce finds big discrepancies among salaries of degree earners in different majors, and that women and minorities tend to major in lower-paying fields. (see story)

On the List -- Colleges and universities that serve students who are Asian-American or Pacific Islanders and that also have large shares of low-income students are now eligible for federal funding. (see story)

Pick Your Poison -- Sports officials attending the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s annual Gender Equity Forum ask what, if anything, they can do to stay in compliance. (see story)

NCAA Academic Metric Hits HBCUs --Four of eight teams the NCAA will ban from post-season play for poor academic performance are from historically black colleges and universities, and a fifth is from an institution designated by the federal government as predominantly black. (see story)

Please Tell -- Stanton L. Jones, provost and professor of psychology at Wheaton College in Illinois, says the needs of sexual minority individuals present a particular challenge for religiously conservative institutions, but that institutions are responding. (see essay)


Elaborating on Online Accessibility -- The Department of Education calls for “emerging technology” on campuses to comply with federal laws protecting disabled students from discrimination. (see story)

Red Grader, Blue Grader -- A forthcoming study finds that there may be notable differences between the grades awarded by Republican professors and Democratic professors. (see story)

Bringing Them Back -- University of Washington is hoping to encourage accomplished women in STEM fields to leave their positions in private industry and return to campus. (see story)

Punished for Poll on New Mother -- UC Davis department chair steps down in the wake of his response to a student pregnancy. (see story)

Merger Debates Waste Time -- James T. Minor, director of higher education programs at the Southern Education Foundation, writes that proposals to merge HBCUs create unnecessary political hurdles and have little promise of actually improving outcomes. (see essay)

Mothers in Higher Education -- Stephanie McNulty, assistant professor of government at Franklin & Marshall College, sees both a persistent gender gap in higher education and a vision for an even better work environment for all parents. (see essay)


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