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   May 2018
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Inside Higher Ed's Diversity Insider is a monthly news summary of key stories touching on diversity topics. To receive daily news updates from Inside Higher Ed, including our diversity coverage, sign up here.

New Voice for Asian Students -- The "model minority" myth notwithstanding, many Asian students need help succeeding in college. A new association wants to make sure they get it. (see story)

Moral, but Lawful? -- The Catholic University of America generated much press when its president announced that it would transition to single-sex only housing. Now officials have been served an intent-to-sue notice. (see story)

Eye of the Beholder -- A new study in the journal College Teaching suggests that reasons some students perceive political bias may have to do more with their own identities than with anything taking place in the classroom, and suggests that there may be techniques that would lessen the perception of bias. (see story)

Wrong People on Trial? -- National television news shows featured college women who had accused other students of rape -- and whose cases, as the women described them, had been swept under the rug by their universities' judicial processes, which they say were biased against them. (see story)

Agents, Diversity, Service Learning -- The annual NAFSA: Association of International Educators conference included a panel focused on strategies for better supporting gay international students. (see story)

The Wrong Message -- The authors of Academically Adrift may be letting black students off the hook, to the students' own detriment, writes Roy L. Beasley, director of online programs at Howard University. (see essay)

Seniors and Seniors -- Dean Dad asks readers of Confessions of a Community College Dean how his campus can serve senior citizens (whose enrollments are ticking up) and gets some thoughtful answers. (see blog post)


Whose Agenda? -- Study finds students are more likely to see gay and lesbian professors as biased than they are straight professors -- based on the same syllabus. (see story)

Low-Hanging Fruit? -- Looking for savings, Tennessee State eliminates "low-producing" majors, including physics and Africana studies. Critics ask why a black college would cut such offerings. (see story)

No Room for the Needy? -- In a new report, the Education Trust aims to judge how many of more than 1,000 colleges and universities successfully serve low-income students. Based on enrollment, net price and graduation rates, the advocacy group reaches a conclusion: five of them. (see story)

Adjuncts 2, Catholic Colleges 0 -- The conflict between some Roman Catholic colleges and adjunct professors seeking collective bargaining rights is intensifying. (see story)

Refusing to Be Silent -- Women from Pakistan, Canada and the United States consider the implications of the brutal attack on a graduate student from Bangladesh -- and the reactions to it. (see essay)


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