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   June 2018
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Counting Justices -- Critics and defenders of affirmative action analyze coming battle at Supreme Court. Key questions: How broad will ruling be? How will Justice Kennedy vote? How will heightened attention affect race relations on campus?

When Black Men Succeed -- The new National Black Male College Achievement Study analyzes a cohort of 219 black men (at a range of institutional types) who meet rigorous criteria that define them as "achievers," to understand both how and why they succeeded in college, and what campus leaders and others might do to help others follow in their footsteps. (Note: This story was one of our most viewed ever, and was "shared" more than 1,900 times by readers.)

Me or We -- Colleges focusing on independence might be inadvertently harming first-generation students who favor collaboration, a new study contends.

Fountain of Youth -- More upper-middle-class students are choosing community college right out of high school, and they expect a full undergrad experience.

Selectivity vs. Diversity -- The Obama administration is pushing education colleges to be more selective, but some argue that recruiting the "best and the brightest" isn't the solution to producing better teachers.

Rejected Asian Applicant Withdraws Complaint -- Education Department ends inquiry into why Harvard and Princeton turned down one student. Broader review of Princeton's policies continues.

Diverse Questions About AP -- Report says black, Native American and Hispanic students aren't taking AP classes they could succeed in, but are failing the exams they do take at a higher rate.

When Words Don't Matter -- William Major wants his students to know what Frederick Douglass taught himself about the power of literacy and the importance of choices.


A Dismissal Upheld -- Federal judge finds no First Amendment violation in U. of Toledo getting rid of HR director who -- contrary to university's policies -- wrote op-ed saying that gay people don't deserve civil rights protections.

Standing Their Ground -- A gathering of presidents from more conservative Christian colleges discusses what to do about controversies surrounding gay and lesbian students.

Do You See the Logic? -- Professor posted on his course website photograph of himself with scantily clad women. Not everyone saw how this would advance the study of philosophy.

'Schoolmaster of the Movement' -- Professor discusses his biography of Benjamin Mays, the Morehouse president whose influence went well beyond mentoring Martin Luther King Jr.

Too Hot For Professor? -- Was Oakland U. right to suspend a student after he revealed in his class writing journal that he finds his instructor attractive?

WTF Arizona? -- One Arizona bill would punish professors who violate FCC obscenity standards; another seeks to protect conservative faculty from alleged discrimination.


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