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   August 2017
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Backwards on Racial Understanding -- The longer students are in college, the less likely they are to be interested in promoting understanding across lines of race and ethnicity, study finds.

For Gay Athletes, It's Getting Better --The climate is indeed improving for gay athletes, a panel of experts says, but overcoming still-widespread bias -- particularly in women's sports -- will require help from the less supportive coaches and administrators.
Shocking Brawl, Ugly Comments --A brawl at St. Louis Community College is filmed and goes viral; campus is stunned both by the fighting (especially by a woman who puts down a young child to participate) and the racial comments that have spread online.
Non-Traditional and Seeking Help -- Survey of counseling center directors contains an encouraging finding that suggests outreach to diverse students is working.
How They Really Get In -- Study of the most competitive colleges finds that "holistic" admissions policies look very different at different colleges -- and that some kinds of applicants may compete only against each other.
Not a Diversity Requirement? --UCLA faculty rejected the idea in a 2004 vote. Will they approve a plan around "community and conflict"?
The Next Target? -- Arizona official who helped bar Mexican-American studies from a school district now turns to the University of Arizona.
Pro-Affirmative Action Suit Rejected -- Federal appeals court upholds right of California to bar its public colleges from considering race and ethnicity in admissions.
From Scientist to Administrator -- Women are excelling in senior posts at universities, writes Sue V. Rosser, but researchers who leave the faculty ranks before becoming full professors may limit their careers.
Pregnancy and Science Careers -- Discriminatory attitudes may no longer be as overt or prevalent as they once were, writes Sue V. Rosser, but women in the laboratory still face challenges, and need mentors to make sure that no options for their work are ruled out.

'Communists and Perverts' -- A new book explores a Florida legislative committee that targeted gay students and professors in the 1950s and '60s.

Young women scientists leave academia in far greater numbers than men for three reasons, according to a University of Venus blog post by Curt Rice.


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