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   June 2018
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Crowded Out -- New paper finds that increases in the proportion of out-of-state students at public research universities lead to declines in the enrollment of minority and low-income students.

Preaching to the Choir? -- Dartmouth and Oberlin canceled classes to address controversial speech and racism with a day of forums. Some students and others question whether approach is appropriate or effective. (Students gather at Dartmouth Hall for a speech after the college canceled classes.)

Anger Over Scare Quotes -- Philosophy professor's plans for a critical lecture about the sexual assault awareness movement collides with a college's Sexual Assault Awareness Week.

Attracting the Missing Students -- Study suggests that there's a way for top colleges to attract and enroll more low-income, high-achieving applicants, and that the methods to do so are inexpensive. So why isn't this strategy being used?

'Paying for the Party' -- Research featured in new book suggests that, in effort to lure full-pay students, universities have shifted their institutional priorities to the benefit of the affluent and the detriment of everyone else.


'Strategic Diversity Leadership' -- Author discusses new book on the steps colleges can take to diversify and be inclusive.

Diverse Considerations -- After media scrutiny about all the white men in the University of Kentucky administration, two women and a Hispanic male are named finalists in the provost search. Can a public emphasis on diversity undermine the goal?

Lingering Racism in British Academe -- Report finds that minority scholars continue to face bias.

Keeping Quiet on Family -- Women interviewing for jobs in political science say they sometimes hide the fact that they are pregnant or nursing -- or delay having children altogether.

Don't Follow the Crowd -- Historically black colleges need a digital learning strategy, but they should resist the temptation to focus on MOOCs or other approaches that weren't designed for the students they serve, writes Roy L. Beasley.

Letter to a Gay Professor -- The provost of a Christian college responds to a letter from a faculty member unable to be open about issues of sexuality while remaining employed.


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