Academic freedom

Study: Grade satisfaction a major factor in student evals

Students’ happiness with their grade, not instructional quality, is a major driver of the correlation between high grades and high student ratings of instruction, according to a new working paper. Interventions don’t quite work, either.


Controversial artwork twice stolen from Catholic University

A painting of Mary and Jesus, featuring a Jesus that resembles George Floyd, was stolen—twice—from the Catholic University of America. Many students don’t want it back on campus.


Professors promote resolution on academic freedom

Professors seek a united faculty voice against legislative incursions into the curriculum with respect to the teaching of race.


Proposal would give liberal arts faculty second-class status


Proposed reorganization at Texas A&M Qatar aimed at enhancing engineering education and research would reclassify liberal arts and science faculty in instruction- and service-focused roles, with no expectation or support for research.


Truckee Meadows won't fire 'insubordinate' professor

Truckee Meadows Community College says it won’t fire a professor accused of “insubordination,” after all.


Controversial scholar of pedophilia resigns at Old Dominion

Scholar of pedophilia at Old Dominion University steps down amid controversy about comments on “minor-attracted persons.”


Professors urge UT Austin to lift pause on antiracist study

Professors urge University of Texas at Austin to lift a pause on recruiting participants for an approved study on the effectiveness of antiracist training for white children and parents.


Seeing middle ground on the Bright Sheng case at U of Michigan

A dozen University of Michigan professors argue that the controversy over a blackface Othello is more about teaching preparation than free expression, and that better university training and protocols could have lessened the fallout for everyone involved.


When suspending a professor isn't enough

Students at the University of Illinois at Chicago escalate their calls for a law professor accused of racism to be fired, now that he’s scheduled to return to the classroom. The professor says he’s caught up in something that isn’t really about him.


UF says professors can be paid experts. They're suing anyway

U of Florida says three professors can now testify as experts in an elections lawsuit, and accept customary payment for their time. The professors are suing the university anyway. UF’s faculty union describes a larger pattern of apparent political interference in academic matters.



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