Academic freedom

Appeals court finds Georgia State psychologists didn't have First Amendment right to complain about boss

Federal appeals court finds memo from Georgia State psychologists criticizing management of counseling center had no First Amendment protection.

Williams students revoke invitation to speaker who criticizes feminism

Alumni fund speakers who represent views that may make students uncomfortable. Did Suzanne Venker fit that category too well?

New Paper Details Extent of BB&T Bank's Ayn Rand-Inspired Grant Program

New paper details extent of a grant program that linked funds to courses that were required to teach Ayn Rand.

Why do some faculty members sign loyalty oaths without issue?

In light of a recent high-profile faculty resignation at Phoenix College, some are asking why other professors asked to sign loyalty oaths don't object.

Novelist quits teaching job at Phoenix College over loyalty oath


Arizona is surprised to find out it still requires professors to sign a statement that was common in McCarthy era. And a community college loses an adjunct who was its star professor.

Northwestern U loses second faculty member over alleged censorship of medical school journal

Northwestern loses second faculty member over alleged censorship of a medical school journal article about a sexual encounter.

Videos of Planned Parenthood officials create new political debates over fetal tissue research

Controversy over Planned Parenthood leads to new scrutiny of faculty members' research with fetal tissue -- including one professor-turned-presidential candidate who is anti-abortion.

U of Illinois releases inappropriately withheld emails on controversies over Salaita and Kilgore

University admits some officials used personal email accounts to inappropriately withhold information sought in FOIA requests on Salaita and other controversies. Here's what the chancellor and others didn't want known.

Debate escalates over Twitter remarks by Sara Goldrick-Rab, professor at Wisconsin-Madison

First Republicans, and then faculty leaders, have questioned tweets of Wisconsin's Sara Goldrick-Rab, particularly in seemingly discouraging admitted students from enrolling. Her supporters call her courageous and say her defense of academic freedom has made her a target.

Northwest Nazarene stands behind decision to end job of noted theologian

Northwest Nazarene stands behind elimination of job of tenured theologian, but will let him teach part-time for a few years. His supporters believe he is being punished for views on evolution and other issues.


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