Academic freedom

Experts: States likely to keep abolishing free-speech zones

State legislatures are banning spaces colleges have carved out for free expression and protest that many consider restrictive.

A year later the Trump administration's travel restrictions -- opposed by many in higher ed -- are having an impact


Visa data suggest decreases in the number of individuals from countries affected by the travel ban coming to the U.S. as students or for short-term business travel, a category that includes travel related to academic conferences.

University of Arkansas professors want to stall vote on changes they say would upend tenure

University of Arkansas professors want to stall a vote on system policy changes they say would upend the definition of tenure. Many fear the system is trying to focus on the vague concept of collegiality.

Brandeis calls off play about Lenny Bruce

Play about late comedian is called off amid student protests.

List of featured speakers for sociology conference, most of them men, sparks debate and backlash

Sociology has reputation for diversity and inclusion, including at its conferences. So a preliminary, nearly all-male list of featured speakers for an upcoming meeting sparked criticism -- and backlash over gender equity and collegiality.

As speaker protests continue, options for punishments unclear

Columbia students prevent British anti-Islam activist from talking via video. Michigan students block part of Charles Murray talk.

Students storm class at Columbia to protest university's handling of rape cases

Students storm a professor’s class at Columbia to protest the university’s handling of rape cases. It’s unclear if the students involved will face consequences.

Pro-colonialism article has been withdrawn over threats to journal editor

“The Case for Colonialism” has been revoked -- not over claims of shoddy scholarship or publication irregularities but rather threats to the journal editor. Some call it a disturbing precedent that could make academics less safe.

Long Island U says it is turning things around one year after a faculty lockout, but professors say otherwise

Long Island U says it is turning things around, financially and otherwise, one year after a faculty lockout. Professors say the institution continues to falter.

Virginia Tech faces accusations of employing white supremacist


Students and activists are alleging a graduate student at Virginia Tech is a white supremacist -- and some want him gone.


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