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AAUP: Spalding U fired tenured professor for asking why it hadn't notified minority professors of possible threat from armed student

At Spalding U, a white faculty member complained that nonwhite colleagues were left out of warnings that they could have been in danger. AAUP objects to the university's response: firing the professor who complained.

Ann Coulter will back out of Berkeley talk

The controversial conservative author has decided not to speak at Berkeley, saying it would not be safe.

New round in debate over Ann Coulter and her right to speak at Berkeley

She refuses to speak when university says it would be safe and insists she will appear this week. Milo Yiannopoulos says he's coming back in the fall.

Auburn, Berkeley incidents illustrate how difficult it is for public colleges to bar speakers

Officials at Auburn and Berkeley tried to stop two controversial speakers on campus but ended up reversing their decisions amid First Amendment concerns. Experts say it's difficult for public institutions to meet legal tests and keep speakers from campus.

Fresno State and the Secret Service are investigating an untenured lecturer who said President Trump "must hang" on Twitter

Fresno State and the Secret Service are investigating an untenured lecturer who tweeted that President Trump "must hang." But the professor says he never meant to incite actual violence.

Protest over speaker's views on race and crime prevents event from taking place as planned at Claremont McKenna

Protest outside event at Claremont McKenna prevents Heather Mac Donald event from having an in-person audience. Question period of appearance at UCLA is disrupted as well.

Professors at Lehigh object to a background check and fingerprinting policy

Professors at Lehigh object to records check and fingerprinting policy they say goes beyond what is required under Pennsylvania law and to protect minors -- and beyond what's reasonable.

Court backs U of New Mexico in case involving student who said she was booted from course for critiquing lesbianism

Appeals court sides with U of New Mexico in case of student who said she was booted from a class for critiquing lesbianism. Judges say professors have right to make decisions about what kind of speech is appropriate for academic setting.

In Hungary and Russia, Western-style universities are under threat

Western-style universities are challenged in Hungary and Russia. Is one university being punished for its ties to George Soros, and another for its gender studies courses?

AAUP report says adjunct professor was likely fired for insisting on rigor in courses

AAUP report concludes that a professor at Community College of Aurora was likely fired for refusing to compromise on rigor in his courses as part of a "student success" initiative.


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