Academic freedom

University of Tampa terminates professor who suggested Texas deserved the hurricane for backing Trump

University of Tampa fires a professor who suggested Texas deserved the hurricane for helping put President Trump in the White House.

In U Miami announcement on Cuba, some see an outsized role for outside groups


After meeting with hardline, anti-Castro leaders, University of Miami says it won't enter into institutional agreements with Cuba. But what do faculty members think?

Facing criticism, Cambridge University Press changes course and won't comply with Chinese government censorship request

Facing intense criticism for caving to censors, Cambridge University Press restores access to more than 300 journal articles it had blocked in China -- but the problem for publishers isn’t going away. Chinese authorities also try to block articles from another journal.

Cambridge University Press blocks access to 300-plus articles on request of Chinese censors

Cambridge press agrees to block access in China to more than 300 articles from a key journal for scholarship on the nation.

University of Florida rejects request for white supremacist to speak

University says it is blocking event not because of the ideas involved, but for reasons of safety, post-Charlottesville.

Sociologists seek systematic response to online targeting of and threats against public scholars

Sociologists call for a systematic response to online targeting of and threats against public scholars.

Professor pulls syllabus letting students set own grades as 'stress-reduction policy'

Professor’s “stress-reduction policy,” mocked by conservative websites, found to violate university policy.

After anti-Trump tweets, Fresno State removes adjunct professor from teaching position

Fresno State announces that instructor who tweeted “Trump must hang” won’t be returning to campus. He is among several non-tenure-track faculty members to lose their jobs over social media posts.

Montclair State removes courses from adjunct whose tweet became controversial

Montclair State strips adjunct of courses amid controversy over tweet wishing someone would shoot Trump. Trinity of Connecticut details students and gifts lost amid furor over professor's hashtag.

Cal State Fullerton reinstates lecturer after arbitrator finds no evidence for most charges against him

Cal State Fullerton reinstates part-time professor after arbitrator finds no evidence that he attempted to hit a student at a pro-Trump event, as was alleged when he was fired by the university.


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