Academic freedom

Showdown in Colorado

As regents gather to discuss Ward Churchill, politicians rush to denounce him and faculty groups offer support.

Call for Ideological Diversity

Brown's president tells students that the "dominance of certain voices" may stifle debate.

Paying for Shabazz

Carnegie Mellon said the university never provided funds for a hateful speaker. But one of its research centers had pledged support. 

Leaning to the Left

A new study says that the vast majority of faculty members are liberal, but does that prove they're biased?

'No Evidence' of Anti-Semitism at Columbia

A committee investigating charges that scholars in the university's Middle Eastern studies program intimidated Jewish and Israeli students has found "no evidence of any statements made by the faculty that could reasonably be construed as anti-Semitic."

But the panel concluded that one professor "exceeded commonly accepted bounds" of classroom behavior by conveying that a student's question merited harsh public criticism, and found a more general lack of civility in the interactions of professors and students.

War and Peace at Columbia

The report on controversial Middle Eastern studies professors got some predictable, loud reactions and some less predictable, quiet reactions.

Nazi Loses Teaching Job

Fairleigh Dickinson U. finds that Western Civilization was being taught by a leader of the National Socialist Movement. 

Offend 2 Students, Lose Your Job

An adjunct says that sharing his master's thesis on pornography with his class left him without any more teaching assignments.

Casus Belli - I

The University of Oregon is under fire for ordering the removal of a "Support Our Troops" decal from a state-owned truck.

Brawl at Brown Over Who Owns Research

Brown moves to assert more rights to faculty inventions, and some professors are unhappy.


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