Academic freedom

Web Site That Went Too Far

An AAUP report shows how an award-winning professor and his department chair lost their jobs over online criticism of Cumberland College.

The New Pope

Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, who became Pope Benedict XVI Tuesday, has a history of clashes with Catholic colleges and theologians.

Layers of Meaning

The U. of Texas thought it was just updating its policies on faculty responsibilities. But in the age of David Horowitz, things aren't so simple.

Middle East Wars Hit Princeton

The university faces pressure not to hire a controversial Columbia professor and to grant tenure to a popular assistant professor.

Gay Freedom Riders

A civil rights group visits Liberty University to start a campaign that will focus on religious and military colleges.

Kept Out -- of a Lecture and a Position

Checker Finn asked George Mason U. to keep an adjunct away from his campus lecture. Now the adjunct -- a top education scholar -- is losing his job.

Did SpongeBob Article Cost Professor a Job?

Many at Hope College believe a popular faculty member was forced out because his views offended religious leaders.

'Handout Hysteria' or Insensitivity?

Jonathan Bean is a popular professor at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale -- even though his libertarian politics don't always coincide with his students' views. A historian, he was just named Teacher of the Year in the College of Liberal Arts.

British Professors Reconsider Boycott of Israel

Facing growing international criticism, a union will hold another vote

Freer Speech at Dartmouth?

Amid a controversial trustee election, the college clarifies its rules and wins praise from one-time critics.


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