Academic freedom

Withdrawal at Brooklyn

A sociology professor who called religious people "moral retards" declines department chair position.

3 Colleges Censured

Meharry Medical College, U. of the Cumberlands, and Virginia State join AAUP's bad list. Southern Nazarene and Wingate get off it.

'Science Under Siege'

Throughout the Bush administration, the president's policies have been criticized by many scientists. On Tuesday, the American Civil Liberties Union issued a new and harsh analysis of those policies.

Detente With David Horowitz

College groups issue statement on "academic rights and responsibilities" in the hope of quashing controversial legislation.

First Amendment Furor

University press book sets off debate involving Alan Dershowitz, Arnold Schwarzenegger and charges of plagiarism and anti-Semitism.

'Not the Right Kind of Indian'

The case of William C. Bradford isn't quite what it seems, but it has riled up plenty of people in Indiana.

Not a Consensus

Major faculty union objects to statement issued by college groups to respond to David Horowitz.

Fallout at Hamilton

College cuts budget of center that invited Ward Churchill; controversial professor offends again -- this time with comments on "fragging."

Was God Banned From a Term Paper?

Student at Victor Valley Community College says instructor penalized her for mentioning issues of faith in an assignment.

A Win for 'Academic Bill of Rights'

For all the uproar over legislation inspired by the Academic Bill of Rights, very little of it has gone anywhere. There have been hearings -- some of them noisy -- in many states, but not much more this year.


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