Academic freedom

N.Y. Court Backs College in Expulsion

Judge gives Le Moyne broad latitude in challenge by dismissed graduate student who endorsed corporal punishment.

Drawing a Line in the Academic Sand

U. of Idaho president says that in science courses, evolution will be taught and that other views -- discredited by researchers -- do not belong.

Embracing Tenure

At San Francisco Art Institute, a new president and a union jointly decide to adopt the practice. 

Too Much Information?

Are bloggers without tenure destined to stay that way? Not necessarily, but debate rages as Chicago rejects a prominent commentator.

Censoring Art or Protecting Workers?

Center for gay students at U. of Michigan at Flint is ordered to remove hermaphrodite artwork.

A Call to Action Against Intelligent Design

Cornell president says it has no place in science courses -- and also acknowledges the theory's popularity.

Troy U. Sued Over Speech Code and Art Censorship

Civil liberties group charges that university's policies are so broad that common jokes could get someone expelled.

Accreditation and Politics

Scholars' association charges groups that review colleges of education and social work with using ideological tests on students.

Academic Freedom vs. First Amendment

Do professors at state colleges have different speech protections from other public employees? A court says No.

Furor Over an E-Mail

Instructor thought he was telling off conservative organizer, but his angry thoughts on pro-war event went to student.


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