Academic freedom

Adjunct in E-Mail Uproar Quits

With Warren County Community College's board poised to determine his fate, controversial instructor resigns.

Evolution, E-Mail and Kansas

University reviews new course after learning of professor's anti-intelligent design comments.

Casualty of Anti-War Activism

Suit charges that professor's tenure bid was derailed over body counts he posts in a hallway.

Half a Loaf at Hampton

Participants at liberal event avoid expulsion, but new gay rights group left in limbo on right to form.

Dental Pain at Marquette

Faculty members call suspension of highly ranked student blogger at dentistry school a breach of ethics.

Web of Lies

A law professor who became a conservative cause célèbre resigns after parts of his story unravel.

Under Attack -- Literally -- in Kansas

Police investigate roadside assault on professor who planned course critical of intelligent design.

No Convictions for Al-Arian

Professor fired by U. of South Florida found not guilty on some charges, renewing debate over his dismissal and academic freedom.

Should All Beliefs Be Worn on Sleeves?

Bellarmine University is divided over what to do about a student who wears a Nazi-related armband.

The Culture Wars of 2005

Many experts think the '80s fights over curriculum were nothing compared to today's battles over Iraq, patriotism, God and evolution.


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