Academic freedom

Uniting Against Horowitz

Coalition opposed to Academic Bill of Rights discusses its plans.

The Real Bias in the Classroom

It's professors -- not students -- who need to fear being judged unfairly because of their views, new study suggests.

AAUP Calls Off Boycott Conference

Association, criticized over invitation list and distribution of anti-Semitic materials, abandons plan to revive session.

Murderers, Video and Academic Freedom

Are killers rampant in college classrooms? Are student views being squelched? Depends if you ask Pat Robertson or legislative analysts.

War of Words Over Paper on Israel

Scholars' critical examination of U.S.-Israeli ties is called shoddy and bigoted; others say harsh reaction proves the study's point.

Grading Edge for Conservative Students

Study suggests that claims of pro-liberal tilt may have it backwards.

'Dr. Doom' Under Siege

Environmental scientists haven't been the top targets of intelligent design advocates, who have generally focused on attacking evolutionary biologists. But an outspoken environmental scientist at the University of Texas at Austin -- whose research focuses on the damage modern society inflicts on the Earth -- has found his work suddenly under scrutiny from unexpected sources.

The 'Vagina Monologues' Test

On Wednesday, the president of the University of Notre Dame issued a lengthy statement, arising out of a series of discussions with students and faculty members, about the nature of academic freedom at a Roman Catholic college.

To Litigate Or Not to Litigate

Yale and Penn law schools consider whether to keep fighting Solomon Amendment battles when the Supreme Court decided the war.

Tolerance and a Reading Selection

Effort to pick book for freshmen at Ohio State's Mansfield campus leads to accusations of bigotry and political correctness.


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