Academic freedom

Homeland Security Monitored Students

Documents reveal new governmental role in surveillance of campus activists.

Should Academic Left Defend Churchill?

Some professors organize petition drive to help embattled Colorado professor, but others question whether he deserves help.

Prior Restraint on Speech?

Fredonia professor charges he was offered full professorship if he subjected his views to review; university says he distorts sequence of events.

Mobilizing the Campus Right

At Young America's Foundation conference, college students trumpet conservative ideas and take aim at "liberal hostility."

Walking on Eggshells

Fearing a conservative backlash, Utah Valley State College trustees tell professors to revamp new course requirement.

Are You Now or Have You Ever...

Under new Ohio law, some public universities require new professors to sign statement about possible links to terrorist groups.

Freer Speech at Georgia Tech

University alters policy defining "acts of intolerance," partially settling lawsuit brought by students who say they were censored.

Sue Before You Graduate

California appeals court finds that law designed to protect students' free speech loses force on commencement day.

Fighting Back Against Extremists

Following increase in harassment from animal rights foes, UCLA announces campaign to protect researchers and their families.

New Analysis of Academic Freedom

Essays in new book compare state of professors' rights around the world in post-9/11 era.


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