Academic freedom

U of Chicago debates whether Corey Lewandowski should speak -- and whether reporters should be barred

University faces criticism for appearance by Corey Lewandowski, former Trump campaign manager, and also for keeping journalists out of the room while he talks.

Juan Williams is out as commencement speaker at Ursinus

Fox News contributor Juan Williams won't be speaking at Ursinus College's commencement after faculty members question his ethics.

Brown U's series on campus speech faces its first test, with a scholar using racial slurs during a talk

Brown U's series on campus speech faces its first test, with a scholar using racial and religious slurs to make a point during a talk. Some students were offended, and one challenged him -- but not his right to speak.

At U of Toronto, professors debate whether academic freedom covers work some view as fake science

University of Toronto supports an “anti-psychiatry” scholarship and the professor who championed it, but some fear impact of institutional endorsement of what they view as fake science.

MLA Delegate Assembly rejects boycott of Israeli universities


Vote by Delegate Assembly was 113-79. Body approves another measure, calling on association to refrain from the boycott.

Drexel issues new statement about academic freedom and inclusivity

University issues new statement, explicitly recognizing one of its faculty members' tweets about "white genocide" as "protected speech," but also stressing "importance of choosing one’s words thoughtfully."

Stony Brook philosophy Ph.D. says his department plans review amid claims he's a neo-Nazi

Stony Brook may be reviewing scholarship behind dissertation approved in philosophy for figure active in white nationalist circles. Some worry about academic freedom implications of such a review.

Reed College engages in soul-searching after posters and shouts insult director of 'Boys Don't Cry'

Reed College engages in soul-searching over students’ shouting during lecture by director of Boys Don't Cry, arguing that the acclaimed film should have featured transgender actors.

West Virginia University lets controversial speaker appear and answers his attack on professor


West Virginia University defends right of Breitbart's Milo Yiannopoulos to speak, but also right of students and faculty members to answer back when he attacked a professor who advocates for gay and minority students.

Salem State University, facing criticism from minority students, shutters art exhibit on election

Salem State invited artists to create works inspired by election. Several paintings, created by critics of Trump, were intended to draw attention to oppression. But minority students were offended -- and university shuttered exhibit.


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