Is technology the best way to stop online cheating? No, experts say: better teaching is.

Professors believe students cheat more online, and colleges ramped up use of detection tools amid shift to remote instruction this spring. Better assessment and student engagement would be more effective, experts say.

For-profit programs not the only ones that would fail gainful-employment test

Data in a new online tool raise questions about how well public and nonprofit colleges and universities are doing in helping students earn enough to repay their debt.

How a rare plant could cost two professors their careers

How this rare plant could cost two long-serving Miami U professors their careers.

Study shows how different types of college dormitories can affect grades

A new study found that slick, apartment-style housing might be aesthetically pleasing but could lower students' grade point averages.

Professor says his course proposal on conservative thought was rejected because of diversity rule

Professor says his course proposal on conservative political thought was rejected because it doesn't advance diversity as it's widely understood. He thinks that's wrong.

New study says trigger warnings are useless. Does that mean they should be abandoned?

A new study says trigger warnings are useless. Does that mean they should be abandoned?

Proactive advising leads to retention and graduation gains for colleges

Retention and graduation rates increase for community colleges that beef up or get creative with their student advising services.

Nearly a third of students change major within three years -- math majors the most

Graduates with math degrees fare well on the job market, but a greater share of students leave the major than any other, new federal data show. Are those students making a bad choice?

Business school software doubles as skimming prevention tool

Business professors find another use for software created to help them teach case studies: preventing students from skimming.

Effort to define degree-level skills and knowledge makes slow, steady progress

The Degree Qualifications Profile aimed to better define what a degree should mean. As its sponsors release a new version nearly four years later, the document has spurred discussions about learning at hundreds of colleges, but tangible impact has been limited.


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