Business school software doubles as skimming prevention tool

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Business professors find another use for software created to help them teach case studies: preventing students from skimming.

Effort to define degree-level skills and knowledge makes slow, steady progress

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The Degree Qualifications Profile aimed to better define what a degree should mean. As its sponsors release a new version nearly four years later, the document has spurred discussions about learning at hundreds of colleges, but tangible impact has been limited.

AmeriCorps, 20 years old, a limited success

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Hundreds of thousands have earned college aid for national and community service work, but the program's impact has been stunted by budget constraints and doubts that it’s the best way to spur service.

Sewanee puts faculty back in charge of freshman advising

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It's hard to offer meaningful advising to new students before they arrive on campus. But Sewanee says it can be done, with professors making key decisions.


Economics department to proctor exams as adherence to honor code wanes

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As students' adherence to the Middlebury honor code wanes, the entire economics department will start proctoring exams to catch cheaters.

Academic rigor lacking but not dead, study says

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The state of academic rigor and student engagement in the classroom isn't in a total state of decay, but there is plenty to be desired, study suggests.

ACT scores fall to lowest level in five years

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Average ACT scores are the lowest they've been in five years. English and reading scores dropped the most from last year.

Studies challenge the findings of 'Academically Adrift'

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Challenging findings of landmark 2011 study, new data suggest that college students make significantly bigger gains in critical thinking. But differences in methodology may contribute to the differing conclusions.

Students boycott final to challenge professor's grading policy (and get As)

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To test limits of Johns Hopkins professor's scaled grading policy, all of his students boycott the final -- and all get As as a result.

Study finds that increased parental support for college results in lower grades

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The more financial support parents provide for college costs, the lower their children's grades, national study finds.


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