Plan for New College Draws Scrutiny

Officials in Maine and North Carolina review proposals from group with close ties to philosophy of Ayn Rand.

To Report or Not to Report

In California, for-profit colleges and state officials fight over appropriate requirements for data on graduation and job placement.

Turmoil in Tallahassee

Florida A&M's president and trustees are under the microscope after a series of controversial decisions.

How to Judge For-Profits

Accreditors and those they accredit consider how to evaluate the fast-growing institutions.

A Tangled Tale in Tbilisi

Accreditor's decision to approve Georgian college is questioned, but have critics overreached in their accusations?

Assessing Learning Outcomes

Academic leaders discuss methods of measuring student learning and giving consumers best information about colleges' offerings.

Mississippi State Wants Them

University creates new center to attract veterans as students -- and plans to travel the world to recruit them.

Business School Battle

Students say proposed online programs could jeopardize the accreditation process for Florida Tech's College of Business.

First on the Docket: Accreditation

Education Dept.'s fuzzy agenda for carrying out commission's work begins with review of higher ed's system of self-regulation.

Right Under Her Nose?

Margaret Spellings says higher ed must change because parents can't find basic information. What if it exists -- often on her own Web site?


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