Calls for universities to end their contracts with U.S. immigration agency

Protests and petitions call on universities to end their contracts with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Claremont McKenna suspends 5 students for blocking a speech

Claremont McKenna announces punishments for those who prevented an audience from hearing Heather Mac Donald, an author whose views on criminal justice they call racist.

Violent protests by visiting mob lead Berkeley to cancel speech by Milo Yiannopoulos

California campus is latest to be inflamed by protests -- reportedly fueled by visiting mob from off the campus -- over appearances by the Breitbart writer and provocateur. UPDATE: Trump suggests university should lose federal funds.

Flag burnings and taking down flags return as protest tactics


As postelection protests continue, tactic people associate with the Vietnam era returns -- and so does debate about symbolism, patriotism and history.

Debate grows over national anthem at college events


Debate grows about athletes who kneel during national anthem. Football players at Indiana State and Tulsa join movement. Texas chancellor urges students to stand and face flag.

Students, colleges and academic groups respond to a week of tragedies


A roundup of student protests, college vigils, controversies and academic groups' responses to a week of shooting deaths.

Confusion surrounds student voting effort linked to White House


A new initiative designed to challenge colleges to get students involved in the democratic process is questioned for perceived ties to the White House.

Juniata College encourages professors to talk about race in class, while acknowledging risks

Professors at Juniata College struggled to talk about race in class and worried about saying the wrong thing. So campus leaders helped them engage.

Student protests this year broaden beyond issues of race


Race is still a prominent issue in this semester's rallies and sit-ins, but students are also pushing issues related to campus employees, foreign policy, state laws on sexual orientation and more -- and linking the various topics.

Duke tries to end protest that has occupied administration building for days

Anger over the fallout from a powerful administrator hitting an employee with his car leads to takeover of administration building and debate over treatment of workers. University makes concessions, but sit-in continues. At Ohio State, a sit-in starts and ends.


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