When institutions look to teaching loads instead of academic program cuts in the face of budget shortfalls


At one campus doing so, many adjuncts will lose positions, but departments aren't being eliminated.

AAUP votes to censure U of Nebraska for alleged violations of academic freedom in Courtney Lawton case

AAUP censures Nebraska-Lincoln for alleged violations of academic freedom in Courtney Lawton case. Iowa and Stillman removed from lists of sanctioned and censured institutions.

Labor Department answers questions on academic employees and overtime

Labor Department answers questions about who gets overtime and who doesn't, with online instructors, among others, now no longer eligible.

Loyola Chicago adjuncts stage one-day strike amid rising activism by non-tenure-track faculty


Could a one-day walkout at Loyola Chicago set the stage for other campuses?

After anti-Trump tweets, Fresno State removes adjunct professor from teaching position

Fresno State announces that instructor who tweeted “Trump must hang” won’t be returning to campus. He is among several non-tenure-track faculty members to lose their jobs over social media posts.

AAUP report says adjunct professor was likely fired for insisting on rigor in courses

AAUP report concludes that a professor at Community College of Aurora was likely fired for refusing to compromise on rigor in his courses as part of a "student success" initiative.

Repeal of Affordable Care Act could create new obstacles for low-income students


Key coverage requirements would disappear under Republican alternative to Obamacare, and academic medicine could take a hit as well.

Youngstown State adjuncts 'celebrate' 25 years without a raise


At Youngstown State, adjuncts marked the anniversary with a cake.

Study looks at impact of adjunct hiring on college spending patterns


Study suggests the funds institutions gain aren’t going to instruction.

Novelists love to write about professors. Will they start to write more about those off the tenure track?


Writers love to write about professors. With most professors now off the tenure track, will these kinds of characters start to appear more in fiction? Nathan Hill's new book, The Nix, could be a start.


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