Loyola Chicago adjuncts stage one-day strike amid rising activism by non-tenure-track faculty


Could a one-day walkout at Loyola Chicago set the stage for other campuses?

A Loyola instructor holds a sign saying "Job security for Loyola faculty."

Adjuncts participate in National Day of Action for a Living Wage

Adjuncts across the country participate in a national day of action for a living wage. How do their interests align with low-wage workers from outside academe?


Union fights Massachusetts state colleges' challenge to cap on part-time faculty


Massachusetts faculty union fights to enforce a contract cap on part-time faculty, while other adjunct advocates see little value in such efforts.

Proposed adjunct union at Seattle U. passes NLRB eligibility review

In the first ruling following an N.L.R.B. shift, board director finds that Seattle U.'s Catholic status does not preclude adjunct collective bargaining.


Tufts adjuncts tout pay and job security gains in first union contract


Adjuncts at Tufts say their first union contract, which includes significant pay and job security gains and a right to be interviewed for full-time positions, could be a model for new unions in negotiations elsewhere.



Adjunct faculty conference discussion focuses on right to strike

At gathering of adjunct leaders, they are urged to strike for better pay and job security – regardless of whether the law permits them to do so.


Adjuncts at Lutheran university win right to unionize

NLRB official, rejecting stance of Pacific Lutheran U., says non-tenure-track faculty members have right to vote on collective bargaining.

Higher education officials look to Washington for guidance on adjuncts and the Affordable Care Act

With more institutions cutting adjunct hours as new health care requirements approach, higher education officials are pushing for more guidance from the government on what to do.

NLRB rules that college must negotiate with union on changing credit hours of courses


NLRB rules that college paying adjuncts based on credit hours was required to negotiate with union before cutting the credit hours (and effectively cutting adjunct pay) of some courses.


Duquesne U adjuncts object to possible threat not to rehire those involved in union drive

Duquesne U. adjuncts are angry over what they see as a thinly-veiled threat not to rehire those colleagues involved in a long-running union drive.


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