UC conflict-of-interest rules raise questions

U of California system will require top leaders to prove outside work benefits their institution -- a test not applied at most colleges. Is the policy too weak or too strong?

University Title Generator website pokes fun at administrative bloat

Website pokes fun at administrative bloat by generating endless job titles and inflated salaries.

Syracuse University promenade plan exposes tension between chancellor and faculty


Professors at Syracuse University fight a plan that they say reflects the wrong priorities at a time of staff buyouts.

University of Texas at Austin's new president asks for less money

The next president of the University of Texas at Austin declined a $1 million base salary and instead opted for $750,000. Faculty members say it's because "he gets it."

Tying college presidents' wages to the salaries of cooks and janitors

Activists at St. Mary's College of Maryland and Brandeis University have asked presidents to tie their wages to staff salaries.

Brandeis changes compensation policies after $5 million payout to ex-president

As Brandeis announces a jaw-dropping payout to its former president, the university also says it has changed compensation rules in ways that might prevent a future payment of that size.

AAUP calls for faculty participation in financial exigency declarations

With more institutions citing budget woes as they eliminate academic programs, AAUP offers new recommendations for faculty involvement in such decisions and just what constitutes financial exigency.

Contract negotiations put Morgan State, University of Iowa presidents in tenuous positions

Contractual changes have left two public university presidents in tenuous positions and highlight a growing fear of commitment among boards.

In lawsuit, Texas Tech professor says his views on tenure have cost him promotions

In an unusual twist, a Texas Tech professor is suing the university for allegedly denying him high-profile jobs based on his skepticism of a status most faculty members want.

Proposed policy at Florida Gulf Coast raises question of what a university is entitled to track about faculty members

Proposed policy at Florida Gulf Coast U. raises question of what a university is entitled to track about every professor.


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