Colleges push for more resources to support prison education programs

Prison education programs are thriving and enjoy bipartisan backing, but colleges say they could do more with federal and state funding.

In Harvard trial, clashing visions of a future in which colleges wouldn't consider race

Focus in trial was question of what would happen if Harvard (and by extension, other colleges) stopped considering race.

Stanford study says rankings do not point students to the best college fit

Stanford study finds that U.S. News and other rankings are based on factors that don't actually reflect what students and parents say they want in a college.

NACAC panel examines practices and prejudice in college admissions

Panel at NACAC takes on practices it identifies as reinforcing racism and white privilege in college admissions and counseling.

Data on impact of black doctors may raise implications for affirmative action debate

If having more black doctors could save lives, does that change the nature of the debate over the role of race in admissions?

'U.S. News' says it has shifted rankings to focus on social mobility, but has it?

Methodology is adjusted, but you wouldn't know from those at the top of the lists. Critics say institutions that serve low-income students continue to be devalued.

Eight more colleges identified as submitting incorrect data for 'U.S. News' rankings

U.S. News will consider them unranked for the rest of this rankings year, but that punishment will last only a few weeks. Some colleges say U.S. News is to blame.

Women's colleges see boost in yield in wake of 2016 election

Since 2016, top women's colleges have been seeing significant gains as more young women embrace Me Too and resistance to Republican politics.

Education Department once investigated Harvard's preferences for alumni children and athletes, and found them legal

This isn't the first time the university has faced scrutiny over policies that favor white over Asian American students. Comments in the 1980s by admissions officers on alumni children, athletes and Asian Americans may be relevant today.


New Harvard briefs defend its consideration of race in admissions

New briefs from university provide an inside look at terms like "standard strong" and examples of Asian applicants whose ethnicity was viewed favorably and dispute statistical analysis provided by those claiming anti-Asian bias.


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