Mount St. Mary's has an unusually successful year in admissions

In a pandemic, his approach reassured families and yielded a record class. As for the scandal of a few years back, the students couldn't care less.

College applications are decreasing

Common Application reports declines of 8 percent. Applications for first-generation students and those eligible for fee waivers are down 16 percent.

Experts discuss the failure of California's Proposition 16

Experts differ in their explanations as higher education prepares for new attacks on affirmative action.

California voters reject measure to restore affirmative action at public universities

California voters are rejecting a proposal to restore affirmative action at the state's public colleges and universities.

California to vote on returning affirmative action to public universities

Will Election Day see a restoration of the consideration of race in admissions in California? Will the vote be as influential as the measure to ban affirmative action?

Will conversation turn to action when it comes to issues of racial equity in college admission?

Is now the moment when college admission professionals will start breaking down known barriers to admission for Black students?

Allegheny kicks off new marketing campaign

Allegheny College unveils a new marketing plan to position the college as a serious place to study.

Stanford diversifies its business school

How Stanford's M.B.A. program got more diverse -- and larger, too -- in the year of the pandemic.

University of California admissions scandal worsens

New revelations emerge about attempts to get students into Berkeley.

Audit blasts admissions at University of California

Not just donors' children, but athletes and the babysitter of a colleague of the director of undergraduate admissions got into the university, although they weren't qualified. Berkeley in particular is criticized.


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