Popularity of early decision continues to grow

Colleges set records in applications and admissions figures, despite lingering concerns of many experts that the programs favor wealthier applicants. Admit rates are dropping.

Admissions officials react to exposé about transcript fraud and abuse at much-praised private school

After report on abuse at school famous for sending low-income black students to top colleges, admissions officials engage in soul-searching.

Trinity in Connecticut tells low-income students they don't need to reapply for aid every year

Trinity in Connecticut now offers Pell-eligible students four years of institutional aid based on a single application.

Anonymous pamphlets channel complaints at LIU

A series of anonymous pamphlets roils Long Island University's Post campus, portraying its president as out of touch and overpaid in a time of budget cuts.

New data on admissions, including application trends, early decision and admissions criteria

"State of College Admission" finds colleges focus more on academics than personal characteristics and value first-generation status over race/ethnicity.

Colleges push for more resources to support prison education programs

Prison education programs are thriving and enjoy bipartisan backing, but colleges say they could do more with federal and state funding.

In Harvard trial, clashing visions of a future in which colleges wouldn't consider race

Focus in trial was question of what would happen if Harvard (and by extension, other colleges) stopped considering race.

Stanford study says rankings do not point students to the best college fit

Stanford study finds that U.S. News and other rankings are based on factors that don't actually reflect what students and parents say they want in a college.

NACAC panel examines practices and prejudice in college admissions

Panel at NACAC takes on practices it identifies as reinforcing racism and white privilege in college admissions and counseling.

Data on impact of black doctors may raise implications for affirmative action debate

If having more black doctors could save lives, does that change the nature of the debate over the role of race in admissions?


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