A look at the many legal ways wealthy applicants have an edge in admissions

A look at some of the many ways that affluent applicants have an edge -- without bribery.

Admissions scandal focuses attention on legal donations by parents of applicants

Admissions scandal focuses attention on donations from parents of applicants. Should Congress do something about such philanthropy?

Popular career platform for Ph.D.s is owned by foundation behind uncovered undergraduate admissions fraud case

Popular alternative-academic career platform was bought last year by the foundation behind the recently uncovered undergraduate admissions scheme.

Admissions scandal attracts much attention, including from humorists

At a low point for higher education, humorists find ways to make a point.

Advocates for students with learning disabilities fear impact of admissions scandal

Some fear reports of wealthy families faking learning disabilities may lead to skepticism of those who aren't faking at all.

Dozens indicted in alleged massive case of admissions fraud

Details emerge about indictments of wealthy parents who allegedly found ways to rig the system; coaches lose their jobs; and some call for discussion of the many (legal) advantages for families of means.

Three private colleges have admissions files hacked

Some applicants at Grinnell, Hamilton and Oberlin report receiving emails giving them the chance to purchase their files -- including confidential comments from admissions officers.

Survey finds that most Americans say colleges shouldn't consider race in admissions

Nearly three-fourths of those surveyed by Pew oppose consideration of race in admissions. Only 7 percent say it should be a major factor -- and 8 percent each say legacy status or athletic ability should be a major factor.

Wake Forest searched its yearbooks for photos linked to racism and found its admissions dean with Confederate flag

Wake Forest stands behind admissions dean and notes her work to promote diversity. Not everyone agrees with the university's decision. Associate dean of admissions found in separate photos with Confederate flag.

Critics and defenders of affirmative action submit their closing briefs

Lawyers defending and opposing affirmative action make their final pitches to judge in case that could have major impact on higher education. The debate on personal ratings of Asian American applicants could be crucial.


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