The Admissions Scandal

Southern California admissions were determined by donations, parent alleges

One parent's defense in the admissions scandal is that the University of Southern California encouraged applications from the wealthy -- if they would donate.

Senator offers legislation to respond to admissions scandal

Key senator offers plan to require colleges to report on those admitted and to bar consideration of donor status in admissions process. Organization of college fund-raisers opposes bill.

Report on purchase of coach's house brings the admissions scandal to Harvard

A wealthy man bought the fencing coach's house, apparently overpaying significantly. Then the man's son was admitted to Harvard and joined the team. Also, Dartmouth announces new protocols to prevent abuses related to athletic admissions.

A look at the many legal ways wealthy applicants have an edge in admissions

A look at some of the many ways that affluent applicants have an edge -- without bribery.

Admissions scandal focuses attention on legal donations by parents of applicants

Admissions scandal focuses attention on donations from parents of applicants. Should Congress do something about such philanthropy?

Coach and parent sentenced in admissions scandal

A coach and a parent receive jail terms.

Elite college admissions is full of hypocrisy (opinion)

Varsity Blues has exposed just how bad it is, writes Ryan Craig.

There were real victims in the admissions scandal (opinion)

Felicity Huffman and the other parents ignored key facts about the admissions process, writes Jim Jump.

More bribes and a trailer on college admissions scandal

New accusations against a coach; a report; and Lifetime releases a trailer.

Lawsuit reveals more about USC admissions

Applicant admitted for "special interest."


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