The Admissions Scandal

More admissions of guilt and more details released on admissions scandal

Three more plead guilty; a mystery about a big-spending family becomes public; Southern Cal tightens rules on admission of athletes. Plus: Slippery Rock stands up to Dr. Phil.

14 agree to plead guilty in admissions scandal

One coach and 13 parents reach deals over legal charges. Others face new charges. New details emerge on test fraud after another guilty plea.

New revelations link donations and admissions at UCLA

UCLA knew in 2014 about gifts that were perceived to assure admission of athletes. And its officials talked to Rick Singer, ringleader in Operation Varsity Blues, about such concerns.

Admissions scandal causes critics to question whether donor money also influences who gets accepted

College fund-raisers are fielding questions and talking among themselves about the meaning of the Varsity Blues scandal.

Admissions leaders seek a path forward in wake of bribery scandal

At gathering of admissions leaders, many worry about backlash from lawmakers and pundits. While some note that those arrested aren't typical, one audience member says she and her employees have turned down bribes. No one seemed surprised.

Roundup of latest news related to admissions scandal

Yale revokes admission of student in scandal; new verification at Stanford; indictment for money laundering; legislation in California; USC faculty speak out; "SNL" takes on admissions scandal.

Admissions scandal shows up on Lifetime

Lifetime movie focuses on legacy admissions and revenge. Dr. Dre boasts about daughter getting into USC until critics note his mega-donation. Comedians continue to mine scandal.

U of Michigan says it doesn't consider legacy status in admissions, but some statements suggest otherwise

University says that alumni relationships don't get considered, but website suggests otherwise.


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