GED numbers down amid time of transition for high school equivalency exams

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Fewer people earned a GED last year, following the introduction of a new version of the exam. Should the lower numbers cause concern?

Foreign grad population is increasing from India, but not China

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New graduate enrollments from outside the U.S. are up, thanks in large part to a big increase from India. But Chinese numbers show a small drop.

Rose-Hulman plans to add new psychological test to admissions process

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Rose-Hulman plans to ask applicants a set of questions designed to determine if they think they can control their fates. Test of system has found correlation with students' grades and retention rates.

Chicago joins Tennessee with tuition-free community college plan

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Momentum and criticism build for tuition-free community college plans, but even some skeptics say scholarships in Tennessee and Chicago could bring in more low-income students.

College in Texas told Nigerians they were rejected for coming from country with Ebola

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Letter from college in Texas said all applicants from countries with Ebola were being turned away.

As Iowa's largest public university scrambles for students, private colleges worry they will suffer

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New funding formula for public universities, prompted by questions about out-of-state students, may have the unintended consequence of hurting private and community colleges.


New rankings system from LinkedIn based on employment outcomes of a huge sample

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LinkedIn gets into college rankings with an employment outcomes tool based on big samples and plenty of specifics about real people.

'New York Times' introduces new index of colleges' commitment to low-income students

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The New York Times names the most "economically diverse" top colleges (hours before a certain other ranking is released), but methodology excludes all but a few public institutions.

Goucher will create new option for admissions: a two-minute video

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Goucher College creates a new option in which applicants will be evaluated on the basis of a two-minute video.

Mount Holyoke will now accept applications from transgender women

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Mount Holyoke College adopts formal policy to admit students who are female or who identify as women.


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