A roundup of admissions news in the last week

Colleges and economic mobility; free community college; Common App problems just before early deadlines; validity study on GRE in law school admissions.

Author discusses her new book on transitions for first-generation students at elite college

Author discusses her new book on transitions in admissions -- and beyond.

A roundup of admissions news in the last week

Tuition and aid report; criticism of non-need-based aid at public universities; teachers' attitudes, race and college success.

Survey draws attention to white perceptions of affirmative action

New results -- showing majority of white people believe they face discrimination -- surprise many. But attitudes, especially about college admission, don't always reflect the bias and disadvantages experienced by nonwhites or actual enrollment trends.

After huge surge in enrollment from India, Central Missouri sees a substantial drop

At the University of Central Missouri, the number of students from India went from 152 five years ago to 2,429 in 2015 -- and 631 today.

'U.S. News' rankings should be viewed as fake news (essay)

Jim Jump considers the flaws of U.S. News rankings.

Admissions officials consider impact of erosion of SAT subject tests

Colleges continue to drop requirements that were once the norm at competitive institutions. The exams have fans, but shift from required to recommended frustrates many counselors, who report applicant confusion.

Essay considers controversial equity issues in admissions

Don Hossler, Jerry Lucido and Emily Chung consider legacy preferences, early decision and other issues and draw attention to a key fact: the limited number of slots at elite institutions.

A roundup of admissions news in the last week

Defending the liberal arts; call for testing flexibility for international applicants; foreign students and graduate STEM enrollment.


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