Report questions why colleges consider high school disciplinary records


Study finds colleges are considering high school disciplinary records, largely without policies about when such information is relevant.

U of San Francisco gives gaokao-based admissions a try in China

The University of San Francisco plans to admit students based on their scores on the Chinese university entrance exam, the gaokao, and an interview. But is that test, with its many flaws, a good tool?

Admissions leaders question ethics of Common Application's new question


Common Application wants to let colleges ask applicants to name other places they are applying to. Some admissions leaders believe this violates ethics guidelines and will encourage more gaming of the system.


Starbucks doubles its higher education program

Coffee giant extends its tuition program so that it covers four full years. McDonald's provides details of its much smaller plan.

Investigation finds UT-Austin president influenced admissions decisions


An investigation of the University of Texas at Austin finds the president likely swayed admissions decisions to aid well-connected applicants. Everybody does it, President Bill Powers said.

GED numbers down amid time of transition for high school equivalency exams

Fewer people earned a GED last year, following the introduction of a new version of the exam. Should the lower numbers cause concern?

Foreign grad population is increasing from India, but not China

New graduate enrollments from outside the U.S. are up, thanks in large part to a big increase from India. But Chinese numbers show a small drop.

Rose-Hulman plans to add new psychological test to admissions process

Rose-Hulman plans to ask applicants a set of questions designed to determine if they think they can control their fates. Test of system has found correlation with students' grades and retention rates.

Chicago joins Tennessee with tuition-free community college plan

Momentum and criticism build for tuition-free community college plans, but even some skeptics say scholarships in Tennessee and Chicago could bring in more low-income students.

College in Texas told Nigerians they were rejected for coming from country with Ebola

Letter from college in Texas said all applicants from countries with Ebola were being turned away.


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