White House gathers experts to boost college counseling


With less fanfare, the White House once again convenes a conference on getting more low-income students into college. The focus this time is college counseling. 

Scholar explores how graduate admissions committees view measures of merit and diversity

Scholar goes behind scenes to observe professors decide whom to admit to top Ph.D. programs. She finds that GRE and grades dominate first winnowing, while diversity comes into play later.

Dispute over company that works with colleges on graduate and professional school applications


A company that helps leading graduate and professional schools handle applications has owed millions and misled its clients about why they're not getting their money, lawsuit alleges.

As prices rise, colleges are offering students steeper discounts, again


Private college discount rates continue to rise, and some worry about the long-term impact.

Contract reveals Arizona State U.-Starbucks partnership details


Arizona State University's accord with the coffee giant reveals the university is banking on the partnership being a success.

New book says community colleges should tighten their admissions policies

Too many unprepared students are enrolling in community college, argues a new book, which takes on both open-access admissions policies and the "completion agenda."

Author discusses book proposing a new approach to affirmative action

Author discusses a new approach to affirmative action in admissions that she says could help the disadvantaged without some of the legal and political issues that challenge current approaches.

What would it really take to be in the 'U.S. News' Top 20?

What would it really take to be in the U.S. News top 20? ​And can anyone really change in the 'beauty pageant' of the reputational survey?

Colleges that miss enrollment targets step up their summer recruitment

What happens after tuition-dependent private colleges miss their enrollment goals? Depends on the campus.

New details on antitrust suit against Common Application


Lawsuit accuses Common Application of violating antitrust law by pressuring colleges into adopting certain policies. Admissions experts are split on whether the charge has validity.


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