Middlebury backs away from attempt to control rising prices


Middlebury College gives itself a loophole in its plan linking tuition, room and board to inflation.


Electronic admission decisions cut response time, but also accuracy

As more colleges send emails telling rejected applicants they have been admitted, some admissions officers share what they learned from their mistakes.

Princeton students want university to stop asking whether applicants have a criminal past


Some Princeton students push university to stop asking whether applicants have been convicted of anything. They say academe needs more people with experience in the justice system.

College Board unveils plans for new SAT, including a completely revamped writing test


College Board will try new approach to essay, drop the penalty for wrong answers and work with Khan Academy to provide free test-prep. Some experts like the changes (or most of them), while others see a bid to catch up to the ACT.

College ratings proposal is already leading one university to change admissions standards


One university says it has already begun denying admission to “risky” applicants over fears of how it would be rated under the Obama ratings proposal.

Study finds little difference in academic success of students who do and don't submit SAT or ACT


Large study finds nearly identical academic performance by students who submitted and didn't submit SAT or ACT scores at test-optional colleges.

Flagler College admits that vice president changed admissions statistics


Flagler admits that it altered test scores, grades and class ranks of new students, and a senior official resigns after he acknowledges making the changes.

Drexel's community college partnerships win fans

Drexel University takes its bachelor's degrees and faculty to three community college campuses, an unusual move for a private university.

Admissions leaders gather and consider how to define merit

Admissions leaders gather to consider how to promote broader definitions of worthiness and more diversity in their classes -- all while dealing with the pressures of money and rankings.

Syracuse, after refusing to play the rankings game, may care again


After years of decisions that increased diversity but didn't help it in the rankings, Syracuse University might start caring again.


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