St. John's College tuition cut reaps increased applications and donations

St. John's College gambled its finances and its reputation when it cut tuition and turned to donors to replace lost revenue. Applications shot up, as did donations. Can this new financial model be the answer for making college more affordable?


Michael Cohen testifies that Trump threatened colleges over any release of his grades

Michael Cohen releases letter sent to university the president attended and notes that Trump earlier had called on Obama to release his grades. President's grades have never come out, but those of past candidates have.


Lawsuit against ACT adds to criticism of testing organizations for allegedly ignoring due process

Lawsuit against ACT says students are subject to a catch-22 in which they must give up their rights to demonstrate that they haven't cheated. Litigation comes amid similar challenge to the SAT.

A for-profit high school recruits students with guarantee on admission to top colleges

And scholarship offers are also a sure thing, this high school says, at "top 100" colleges.

College counselor raises dilemma of student who wants to rely on Latin American identity

College counselor finds herself doubting an applicant whose wealthy parents see his Latin American grandmother (whom he hasn't met) as a route to being admitted to a top college.

Experts consider where colleges could face the most scrutiny over affirmative action

U of Texas prevailed in affirmative action case in large part because of its research. Will other colleges be able to match that analysis? And will legal and political battles change if focus is on rejected Asian-American applicants?


Nearly 4 in 10 universities report drops in international student applications

Four in 10 colleges are seeing drops in applications from international students amid pervasive concerns that the political climate might keep them away.


Three professors sue UT Austin over the right to ban guns from their classrooms

With lawsuit seeking the right to keep guns out of their classrooms, three UT Austin professors try to reshape the debate over campus carry.


80 colleges and universities announce plan for new application and new approach to preparing high school students


As 80 colleges unite to create new application and portfolio platform for high school students, a look at who is in and who is not (for now), how colleges plan to use the service, and how Common Application is responding.


Drexel U. charts a new course for itself

The ambitious private university is charting a new course than curbs some its efforts to expand outside of Philadelphia. 


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