A roundup of recent news on admissions

Students' job worries; law schools face scrutiny; Toronto's latest move on international students.

Essay on campus visits during admissions process

Jim Jump considers what applicants gain -- and what they don't.

Stanford case illustrates the dangers for admissions officers on social media

Stanford official's apparent departure is latest illustration of the dangers of social media not only to applicants, but to those who review them.

How a regional university in Michigan doubled its applications

Waiving application fees and letting applicants self-report test scores had an impact.

Research suggests colleges with high rankings aren't necessarily succeeding at student engagement

New study finds no relationship between scoring high in several rankings and the measures considered by leading survey of student engagement.

New book argues most colleges are about to face significant decline in prospective students

New book says most colleges -- and the vast majority of nonelite institutions -- are about to face severe shortage of potential students.

Essay urges more of a focus on economic mobility in considering college options

Samuel L. Stanley says students, families and college counselors need to consider the future -- and not arbitrary rankings -- when evaluating colleges.

Study finds that international students do not displace Americans

Research was done on graduate education, but paper suggests implications for undergraduate education as well.

Essay of advice to counselors on how to help applicants writing admissions essays

Charlotte West offers advice for college counselors on the guidance they should provide applicants.

Medical schools have become more diverse, primarily because of Asian-Americans

Share of white students has dropped significantly in last 35 years, but Asian-Americans are alone among minority groups in seeing substantial gains. Black applicants have lowest admit rates.


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