Adjuncts challenge how 'U.S. News' evaluates faculty resources

They say the rankings pay lip service to the value of full-time professors but reward institutions that may offer minimal pay to adjuncts.

President of Northern State makes unusual video pitch for students

Throwing money in the air, hanging out with the mascot and humor are all part of the strategy for the leader of Northern State.

A roundup of admissions news in the last week

Making the case for the liberal arts; a Kayak for credentials; Columbia law will accept GRE.

Move to let applicants self-report SAT and ACT scores spreads

Washington University in St. Louis joins movement, a year after Colby and the University of Chicago.

Essay on the challenge for college counselors to focus on students' interests

Jim Jump considers the situations where a college counselor’s interests may not entirely overlap with those of students.

Cornell students revive debate on whom colleges should count as a black student

Cornell protest revives debate on whether first-generation immigrants from Africa and Caribbean make up disproportionate share of black students at top colleges, and what -- if anything -- should be done as a result.

Essay criticizes the way the College Board is treating proctors

Jim Jump is not impressed with the way the College Board is treating teachers who are proctors.

Author discusses new book with critique of standardized testing

Author discusses new book in which he takes a long-term and philosophical look at what he sees as the flaws in the way society evaluates talent.

Admissions counselors consider growing interest in gap years

Data are sparse but positive about impact of taking a year off before college.

A roundup of recent news in admissions

Fee for an honors college; the impact of “prior-prior”; a critique of considering race in admissions.


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