Author discusses his new book on admissions -- at a non-competitive institution that must work hard to get applicants and students

Author discusses new book about being embedded in admissions office of a non-competitive college that must fight for applicants and students.

Admissions dean tries to change the discussion by admitting that admissions isn't fair

Georgia Tech administrator tries new approach to dealing with complaints from parents and others that flood competitive colleges this time of year. Could this work?

Essay on colleges' approach to families ability and willingness to pay college costs

Richard DiFeliciantonio considers the realities and contradictions of financial aid and admissions policy.


Canadian universities report surge in U.S. students committing to enroll

American students -- at record numbers -- are accepting offers of admissions from Canadian universities. So are students from other parts of the world.

Experts respond to proposal to reform b-school rankings

A research paper renews the debate over who is really helped by rankings. Experts weigh in on the arguments.

Book offers data on impact of grades, test scores and other factors on admission to competitive colleges

New book shows the impact of grades, test scores, race and gender on admission to competitive colleges.

Column considers questions from Vietnam about ethics of certain admissions practices

A student wonders whether an admissions service is being ethical. Jim Jump, in the debut of his column at Admissions Insider, has some doubts.

How Marquette is becoming more diverse

To attract Latino students, university links to a network of Catholic high schools, builds transfer relationships with community colleges, and adds Spanish-speaking staffers.

Colleges see success in attracting more low-income students by dropping application fees

Bowdoin, CUNY and Trinity of Connecticut all see gains from key shift for this admissions cycle.


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