Affirmative action/racial preferences

Experts discuss the failure of California's Proposition 16

Experts differ in their explanations as higher education prepares for new attacks on affirmative action.

California voters reject measure to restore affirmative action at public universities

California voters are rejecting a proposal to restore affirmative action at the state's public colleges and universities.

California to vote on returning affirmative action to public universities

Will Election Day see a restoration of the consideration of race in admissions in California? Will the vote be as influential as the measure to ban affirmative action?

Will conversation turn to action when it comes to issues of racial equity in college admission?

Is now the moment when college admission professionals will start breaking down known barriers to admission for Black students?

New book says students are more supportive of affirmative action than is believed

New book says campuses are far less polarized on the issue than is widely believed.

Washington State is narrowly voting down affirmative action

What does Washington State vote say about the future of admissions policy?

Washington State Legislature votes to restore affirmative action

Legislature repeals ban imposed by voters, but opponents of consideration of race in admissions are already mobilizing for a new vote.

Survey finds that most Americans say colleges shouldn't consider race in admissions

Nearly three-fourths of those surveyed by Pew oppose consideration of race in admissions. Only 7 percent say it should be a major factor -- and 8 percent each say legacy status or athletic ability should be a major factor.

Critics and defenders of affirmative action submit their closing briefs

Lawyers defending and opposing affirmative action make their final pitches to judge in case that could have major impact on higher education. The debate on personal ratings of Asian American applicants could be crucial.

Data on impact of black doctors may raise implications for affirmative action debate

If having more black doctors could save lives, does that change the nature of the debate over the role of race in admissions?


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