Affirmative action/racial preferences

Going Beyond 10%

University of Texas might win approval to put controversial admissions law on hold.

Justice O'Connor's Deadline

When Justice Sandra Day O'Connor's Supreme Court decision three years ago upheld the use of race in admissions, most college officials were jubilant. Absent the use of some preferences, colleges said, competitive institutions would experience a sharp drop in black and Latino enrollments.

Affirmative Action for Gay Students

With kids coming out in high school, admissions officers discuss whether to give them preferences. At least one college has such a policy.

New Salvos on Affirmative Action

With referendum approaching, critics release admissions data showing gaps by race at U. of Michigan, which says numbers are distorted.

Minority Gains and Gaps

Non-white enrollments continue to grow in higher education, but annual data also point to lingering problems in college pipeline.

Affirmative Action for White C+ Guys

Towson University, facing a gender gap, starts admissions program for those with high SAT scores and lower grades.

Higher Ed's Election Day Showdowns

Three years after the University of Michigan won approval from the U.S. Supreme Court to use affirmative action (in some forms) in college admissions, voters in Michigan could strip the institution of the right to consider race when admitting students.

Michigan Votes Down Affirmative Action

Three years after Supreme Court upheld consideration of race by flagship university, voters decide otherwise.

The View From Ground Zero

A day after state voters endorsed a ban on affirmative action, students and others at Michigan consider impact on the campus.

Still Fighting for Affirmative Action

U. of Michigan considers legal challenge to referendum -- while others focus on stopping states from adopting similar ballot measures.


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