Affirmative action/racial preferences

New Challenge to Affirmative Action

Education Department investigates complaint of Asian student rejected by Princeton.

Retreat on Affirmative Action?

After referendum voted down use of race, U. of Michigan talked about suing. Weeks later, it's talking about carrying out the measure.

Supreme Court Weighs Use of Race in K-12

Justices grill school lawyers over integration measures but give no indication court plans to revisit Michigan affirmative action decisions.

Rough Ride for Law School Accreditor

ABA panned by Education Department panel, but its diversity standard survives.

Proxies for Race

Wayne State law professors will vote on new admissions approach after Michigan nixed affirmative action. Are they being creative or evasive?

A Not So Merry Christmas

Conservative magazine at Tufts draws fire for publishing a satirical Christmas carol poking fun at affirmative action and black students.

The Dismal and Unwelcome Science?

Economics group, under fire for spiking job notices explicitly welcoming female or minority applicants, will consider change in policy.

Casting a Wide Net

Dispute over economics job notices may point to larger battle over how colleges recruit diverse pools for faculty searches.

Short-Term Reprieve for Affirmative Action

Court allows Michigan universities to finish their admissions cycles with current policies, but questions remain about future legal action.

Race and Careers

English and language professors consider how who they are affects their jobs -- and who gets hired for which positions.


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