Affirmative action/racial preferences

Not So White Noise About Diversity

A faculty report has stirred some racial tensions at Sonoma State University, following claims from its author that the institution’s administration has deliberately targeted those from higher-income families as potential students for the past decade. In this process, the report claims that the university has become the “whitest” public institution in California, effectively preferring white students to minorities in an admission practice that it deems “reverse affirmative action.”

Arizona Bans Affirmative Action

While the outcome was the same as in California and Michigan, the impact may differ.

Strategic Displacement

Under “10 percent plan” in Texas, some switched high schools to get into top colleges. White students gained and minority students lost.

Key Win for Affirmative Action

Federal appeals court rules that use of "10% plan" doesn't mean U. of Texas can't consider race in admissions.

White Male Advantage

Study of minority doctoral students in sociology finds notable relationship between demographics of advisers and career advancement of new Ph.D.s.

Is There a Price for Inclusiveness?

Syracuse U. sees dramatic gains in enrollment of low-income students, but critics worry about a rising admission rate.


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