African Americans

3 white students at San Jose State charged with tormenting black roommate


Authorities charge 3 white students with tormenting their black roommate for months, prompting significant campus anger. Incident comes amid tensions about race at several campuses.

Emory president's controversial column sparks broader discussion of leadership


Emory president's controversial column, a surprise for a man many say has handled issues of race well in his 10-year tenure, is continuing to drive discussion of race and leadership on campus.

Temple University faces scrutiny over rejection of African-American studies department's choice as chair

Temple was the first institution to offer a doctorate in African-American studies and has seen heated debates over the discipline's direction. The rejection of the department's choice as chair has set off a new controversy.

Education Department Admits Flawed Data in Gainful Employment Analysis

The Department of Education admits failing to include black students in its calculation of loan repayment rates in run-up to gainful employment. The mistake will fuel for-profit claims of unfair treatment by feds.

Barnard suspends police officers after incident with black student


Barnard places on leave campus safety officers and a supervisor involved in incident with black student that many are calling racial profiling.

HBCU leaders meet, say strategy under Trump is paying off

Leaders of historically black colleges say their strategy of working closely with the White House and congressional Republicans is working.

U of Kentucky will uncover mural it covered over concerns of depiction of slavery


Many black students were angered by its depiction of slavery. University says context and other works of art will be added.

Study suggests student affairs officials not influenced by race


Inspired by findings of bias at the K-12 level, a study sought to see if higher ed officials would impose harsher penalties on hypothetical black students than on white ones.

Cornell Plantations focus of debate on language of slavery


Student protesters are demanding that the Cornell Plantations' name be changed by the university.

Ithaca College president, under steady fire, will retire, but not for 18 months

Facing third of trifecta of no-confidence votes, Ithaca College's embattled Tom Rochon plans to retire -- but not for another 18 months.


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