African Americans

Tackling Urban Inequalities

CUNY initiatives to teach life skills and provide educational opportunities to young men will be a part of New York City mayor's new high-profile push to address racial disparities.

Women, Minorities and the Sciences

Study finds National Science Foundation programs have made a difference, but urges focus on community colleges.

For Black Men Only

In new program at West Georgia, 25 African-American males will live in the same dormitory and take the same courses.

Explosion Over the N-Word

Cartoon in U. of Florida paper ignites debate over whether a racial epithet can be used on campus -- and by whom.

Price Increases Sharpest at Public Colleges

Study also finds slight increases in share of degrees going to women and minority students.

Arrest of Black Professor Infuriates Colleagues

San Francisco State investigates charges of racial profiling after a scholar is arrested trying to go to his own office.

Mixed Verdict at Middlebury

Judge sides with college, but offers harsh criticism in case that has angered many black students.

The Missing Black Men

City U. of New York starts ambitious effort to deal with one of higher ed's most vexing demographic challenges.

The 'Old Boys Network' in College Sports

Like many industries, Richard Lapchick argues, college sports subscribes to the "old boys' network" approach to employment -- the idea that the people doing the hiring are typically drawn to those with whom they are comfortable, which often means people who look like them.

Integration Later

2 years after supposed breakthrough, concerns mount at U. of Alabama over racial segregation at sororities and fraternities.


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