African Americans

More Degrees for Black Athletes

Study finds significant improvements in graduation rates -- although gaps remain.

The Race to Frame

Will Michigan become the next state to ban affirmative action at public universities?

'African-American Men in College'

When educators discuss their greatest diversity challenges these days, many focus on the recruitment and retention of black male students. At many campuses, two-thirds of black students are female, and the lack of black men raises all sort of troubling questions.

Beyond 40 Acres and a Mule

Historians consider their role in reparations debate -- and why debate won't go away.

Booze Blamed at Duke

Faculty review of lacrosse squad finds no sexism, racism or poor academic performance -- but faults team and university over alcohol.

Student Performance Stirs Emotions

Three students at a Seattle arts college cause a controversy with their clowning portrayal of the civil rights movement.

At Duke, a Failure to Communicate

Independent panel finds that police failed to reveal racial identity of alleged rape suspect and administrators "underestimated" the situation.

If There's a Will

If departments want black science, math and engineering students to become faculty members, they should have mentors who want close relationships with them, according to a recent study from the University of California at Berkeley.

Struggling to Keep Black Students

In 2 states that can't use race in admissions, Florida creates new grant program and UCLA faces "crisis."

The Importance of Critical Mass

Study suggests that greater numbers may be key to encouraging success of black students.


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