African Americans

'Black Women in the Ivory Tower'

In his landmark demographic studies of black America, W.E.B. Du Bois found that by 1880, 54 black women had earned college degrees. A new book, Black Women in the Ivory Tower: 1850-1954 (University Press of Florida), tells the stories of these women and those who followed them in the period up to the end of legal segregation in the United States. The author of the book is Stephanie Y.

The Long View on Gauging College Success

CUNY sociologists say it takes far more than six years to see the benefits of higher education for disadvantaged students.

Closing One Gap for African Americans

Southern colleges enroll higher proportion of black students than are in the region's population, report finds. But other problems exist.

At CUNY, Religious Studies, or Religion?

City University's trustees approve new degree at Medgar Evers, over faculty objections that program would favor one religion over others.

Should AP Add African-American History?

Some school districts are pushing for a new offering, but College Board -- citing lack of support in higher education -- is skeptical.

When a Cartoon Causes Pain

Controversial image causes a retraction and an apology from University of Virginia's student newspaper, but underlying racial tensions remain.

Heated Debate About HBCUs

Officials of historically black universities challenge research suggesting that their graduates have lost earnings power compared to alumni of white institutions.

New Furor Over Race and Cartoons

Kentucky student journalists apologize for slave auction imagery that was designed to comment on efforts to end segregation of Greek system.

Bigger Tent for Minority-Serving Colleges

Just-passed law creates new federal categories (and provides new funds) for "predominantly black," Asian and Native American institutions, avoiding conflict inherent in previous proposals.

New Numbers on Underrepresented Faculty Members

Research on women and minorities in the sciences and social sciences examines the entire population of professors at top 100 departments in 15 fields.


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