Alabama system has employees sign confidentiality agreement

Hours after news of the agreement was published in a local newspaper, legal counsel told employees in the system office that it was investigating a “breach of confidentiality.”


Alabama community college transfer office is broke

Alabama's community college transfer website is a national example of how to help students transfer more efficiently, so why is the office that runs it on life support?


Alabama names seventh new community college chancellor in six years

Mark Heinrich will be the seventh person in six years to take over the chancellorship of the Alabama Community College System, which has been reeling since scandal sparked a federal investigation in 2006.


Why did University of Alabama return millions to donor?

Newly released documents suggest that what has been portrayed as a dispute about the state law restricting abortion may be about a donor's demands over a law school.


Community college leaders take civil rights bus tour with goal of solving problems today

Community college leaders journey through Mississippi and Alabama in hopes of learning how the civil rights movement will help them solve today's problems.


Alabama moves to more regionalized community colleges

Alabama plans to consolidate seven community colleges into two -- the kind of move that in other states would have seen much protest. But these changes went through without much public opposition. That doesn't mean there isn't any opposition.

States explore required training for university board members

In two states where legislators have clashed with trustees, lawmakers want to mandate training for board members.


U.S. Help for Students Affected by Katrina

Education Department will ease financial aid for transferring students and waive rules, officials say.

Integration Later

2 years after supposed breakthrough, concerns mount at U. of Alabama over racial segregation at sororities and fraternities.

Is the Schoolhouse Door Open?

A new trial will determine whether Alabama's public colleges and universities are sufficiently desegregated.


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